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We’ve highlighted some key-points our team has come up with to engage and inspire your wine drinking customers (and find new ones) while their hunkered down. We hope these practical tips and reminders inspire social media and marketing managers to think creatively during Covid-19, and beyond.

Humanize and Personalize your Social Media Posts: This is the time your posts (messages) need to focus on people, on individuals, not “the Company.” Talk about employees, charitable efforts, Club Members, funny little things (easy on this one), and yes, even the mascot winery dog(s).

Keep Your Wine Specials and Offers to no more than 1-new one per week. You don’t want to be seen as an opportunist. Come up with some creative offers when you are ready, or in need of a juice (Join Us in Creating Enthusiasm) injection. And be easy on Virus-Specific emails or too many mentions of it in an offer, everyone is getting HAMMERED with that right now, and will for many weeks or months to come.

Update Your Social Media Bios and Info: This is a good time to let your fans know ways your operations have changed. You can use a little bit of a sympathy pitch here, but be careful, don’t whine. And it may be a good time to re-visit you’re About Us or Contact Us or links. It always surprises us how many social media platforms or websites that have bad links or outdated info.

Increase Time for Social Media Community Management: Right now, many consumers are more emotionally sensitive and tense than usual, nothing shocking there.  So, make sure you are checking and responding to Posted comments frequently and thoughtfully.  And make sure you have some internal policies and guidelines established for responding to both positive and negative comments. How you answer comments, can have a big effect on your whole community.

Social Media Posts with Purpose: This one’s easy to forget about. Spend time making sure your thought has some meaning or emotional tie-ins. This is always good advice, in times good times and bad. Honestly, you should have a deep understanding of your audience and their general paradigms at the time of your post. Have a specific communications objective too, and gear it to create desired behavior or outcome.

Play with Publishing Times: It’s a new world right now, and schedules and behavioral patterns have changed for everyone.  So, there are new content consumption patterns happening that have likely changed, too; we are studying that now. Consumers’ normal daily routines like working from home, homeschooling, or normal gym time, and the list goes on, has been changed.  We’re testing formatting and timing– like posting on weekends (we’ve had great success here anyway), late-night, even text-only posts or other formats you don’t usually use. And, as always, watch the frequency of other wineries posts and virtual tastings, which typically tend to be around late afternoon or early evening.

Make Sure Photos Follow Current Guidelines and Norms: I’m a bit shocked by this one, it’s why it’s on the list. Ensure your new post photos and virtual tastings etc. are following state and local government guidelines for social distancing, etc. You may even want to replace or hide for a while anyway, images of groups or gatherings…replace with individuals, maybe, couples.

Bonus Tip: Paid Social Media: Don’t Stop. And if you never started it, think hard about it. One trusted source reports a drop in social media ad costs last month, but also a reduction in CTR (click-through rates), so re-visit your return on ad spend. But test drive some new creative, messaging, and formats for your ads, measure results in a shorter time-frame to understand the dynamics in play today.

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