Wine Bottle Design Wine Label Design

It’s proven that wine labels and packaging are crucial to the inspiring consumers and sales.

Yes, we’ve said it before, a picture is worth a thousand words. And yes, logos really are a brand’s face, and to an extent, it’s personality…just ask the Golden Arches, Swoosh, Red Soda Can, the Apple, or the little Blue Box. The fact is, we buy wines ( and most products) with our eyes first.

Even though we are in the wine business, how many times in a wine store or a grocery store have you seen a beautiful bottle and label which inspired you to pick it up out of the other 50 brands in front of you? One of the key elements to creating a wine brand is its label, even the bottle. Great design and packaging sells. And new research also suggests that logos and labels even affects our taste perception of the quality of the product inside. Come on; we’ve all done it.

If you are skeptical, consider your own experience in a different category, like food in a restaurant. We’ve all had the experience of being in a restaurant browsing the menu, listening to the waiter describe the specials, and suddenly our eyes catch something amazing passing by on a plate. We weren’t able to smell or taste the food that caught our eye, but it looked so good we choose to order it over our initial selection or recommendation by the waiter. Touché.

Not surprisingly, the same is true of wine. Whether on a website, tasting room shelf or in a restaurant, the look of a product plays a huge role in our decision-making process. It controls how we perceive the quality of the and how it might taste, and definitely the price we would pay, or not. Ah, the wonderment of our powerful subconscious mind.

And it most certainly doesn’t have to be a new product your introducing either. As a matter of fact, it’s been proven that tweaks or re-designs to a logo, label or packaging can have a significant and positive impact freshening up brand too. Even to loyal fans. Typically, they get the most excited actually. If you think you need a new fresh look, you’ll join a lot of strong brands, including; Starbucks, Mondavi, AT&T, Facebook, Google, and many other top wines. 

If you haven’t changed or freshened up your logo or labels lately or done a custom label for a special wine or new varietal. You’ll probably find new brand energy and revenues.

Speaking of pricing…we’ll discuss pricing strategies next. We can almost guarantee you are leaving profits on the table.