It doesn’t matter if you’re Robert Mondavi, Jameson Whiskey or a small NC or VA winery, using video to tell your story and sell your liquid assets makes is easier than ever.

Branding videos and films are one of the newest and hottest video trends for content creation today. And it’s proven to be successful, and sometimes it has turned out extremely successful. Think of Dollar Shave Club. Most of us have seen the famous video now, as a matter of fact over 5M people! And they made the video for only $4,500!  They signed up 12,000 people for their subscription service in the first 48-hours. They rest is now marketing history.

In today’s digital world, some forms of marketing have become much less expensive due to advances in technologies. One of those advancements is in video production and editing. Just a few short years ago a mini-documentary branding or marketing film for a company ranged from $10,000 to $100,000. Now you can get a quality 4K cinematic professionally edited video for less than $3,000 in most cases. And done properly, it will last for years before maybe wanting to update it.

Now, small brands or even brand-new companies, can take the initiative and hire a video production company such as Terroir Films in Asheville, NC who specializes in creating engaging documentary content, now,  for a fraction of the cost that they would have paid just 5-years ago. And they can now distribute it online without a big advertising budget, sometimes even for free.

Today, brand video marketing via documentary-style content doesn’t need to be nearly as long as you think either. As a matter of fact, forget a 30-minute or hour-long film. Three to five-minutes can be very powerful and the norm in today’s world.

So, why is this style of marketing content suddenly becoming so popular and even a requirement in today’s digital marketing world?

Simply, video is now a content king. Research shows that 70% of online consumers will watch a video before reading copy and text. Video also has the highest click-through rate of any form of digital advertising. This is because video content is highly engaging and it’s shared via many social channels a whopping 1000% more than traditional links, saysSimply Measures.

The new popularity of video marketing and storytelling is becoming the new norm, but most companies are Not taking advantage of this fact. Good for you, because video content naturally embraces this new method of brand communication. If stories are universally appealing to audiences, a short film or documentary style video offers a better vehicle for delivering the message. By using this story-centric format, we can make the most of dramatic and emotional elements to attract a new audience and retain your current fans.

Documentary style marketing and branding films come with a common misconception that only the largest brands and budgets have resources to create documentary-style video content. Yes, you can spend $10,000 to $100,000 for a great video or film, but with those advances in technology and equipment, video is affordable for any size business today. You simply can’t afford Not to utilize it if you want to maintain or grow market share.